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Baijia BJ-18 Coin Counter

TSR 100 TD + plus


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Cash Handling Equipment - Note Counters & Coin Sorters

CCR are official dealers for Volumatic Omal. Cash Handling Equipment
We supply an extensive range of Cash Coin and Banknote Counting Sorting and Checking Machines from cheap and cheerful under counter money safes to High Speed Automatic Coin Sorting and Note Counting Equipment to suit all kinds businesses and retail outlets. Cash Handling machines are now an everyday part of the retail cash control process. Electronic automated bank note counters and Coin Sorting and counting machines are now essential equipment. These Systems bring added efficiency and accuracy to your banking and cashing up operations. Why do it by hand !


Counter Cache Brochure

Counter Cache Classic click here to Watch it on Youtube

The counter cache basic is high security Under Counter money safe.
Don't become a victim of distraction theft "Counter Cache" it. the Volumatic Counter Cache undercounter drop box provides safe storage for high value banknotes or currency at the point of sale. Your money is safely locked away inside the box, which can emptied in a jiffy using random numbered high security keys. 'Out of Sight' instead of in the till. Easily fitted under your counter in minutes. Quality product from UK manufacturer

There are two other “Higher Specification” models available,

  money weighing scales

Counteasy Retail Brochure

Count Easy Retail Money Counting Scales

Cash up your till in minutes 5 year Manufacturers guarantee
Are you still manually Cashing up? counting re-counting coins and notes and checking counting or preparing your bank deposits and next day’s float? Count Easy Retail Money Counter can help take chore out of cash reconciliation at the end of your shift. A till count has never been simpler and can take less than a minute to complete. Pre-programmed to count both your coins and notes. Your valuable time could surely be put to better use.
Easy to count with CountEasy coin & note counter Supplied with rechargeable batteries, mains charger and Huge Coin Scoop
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Counterfeit Note Scanner

SOLDI Smart Electronic

The Ultimate counterfeit note detector scanner verifier. Suitable for British Pound and Euro notes Checks magnetic, security thread, Infra-Red ink banknote length in less than a second. Displays Total Sum scanned and total notes Quantity. Beeps on error detection plus display code. Simply feed the currency through the scanner, it counts the notes identifies the value, validates security all in one go

Counterfeit Bank Note Checker Scanner


Slot Box Undercounter safe

Slot Box Under Counter Money Safe Similar to the Counter Cache

Shop security starts here! Avoid theft of hard earned cash from your till drawer at any price. Put your high value bank notes straight into the "Slot Box". Your cash is stored in an internal safe box that can only be opened with a key. Easily fixed under the counter in minutes, all you need is a Posidrive screwdriver to keep your money safe. Cheap & cheerful far eastern version of the Counter Cache. does what it says on the tin.

Your first step to improving your cash handling procedures.


Coins Counter Info

Coin Sorting Counting Machine LOW TURNOVER BUSINESSES ONLY

Drop in the Dough and away you go. For faster cashing up, counting & re-counting and checking use a coin counter sorting machine. Compact yet durable these coin counters are a must in any small to medium retail outlets. Great for charity collection rounds. Schools colleges. Hopper capacity 350-400 coins. Each receiving slot capacity 80-250 coins. Batch preset number display 3 digit LED counts and sorts approx 216 coins per minute and displays the totals. Sterling only . An ideal starter cash handling machine that you will wish that you had bought years ago

NOT for busy High Turnover outlets i.e. Supermarkets, Bingo Halls, Social Clubs or Amusement Arcades. For these types of business we recommend the "De La Rue" range of Coin Note and Cash Sorting machines,where High capacity and Counting Speed is essential.

  Baijia BJ-18 Coin Counter

Note Counter Info

Automatic Banknote Counter

High Speed Note Currency Counting machine
Currency counter with smart design • Automatic Start • Selectable preset batches 5-10-15-20-100 Notes • MG counterfeit detection • Sterling and Euros • Easy to read LED • Carrying handle • Counting speed: not less than 900 pcs/min • Hopper capacity: 100 notes • Stacker capacity: 100 notes • Tools and spare parts • 220~240v mains •
Handling Cash is a very time consuming game, treat yourself to a bank note counter and spend your time doing something else. Affordable Cash Handling Equipment suitable for any small business

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