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countefeit bank notes tester
  forged money detector
counterfeit note detector
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Counterfeit note detector CD2-038

We stock a large range of forgery detection devices and equipment

Counterfeit bank notes are everywhere, UV ultra violet detectors like the CD2-038 with additional security features scan notes and test for forgeries and fakes. This basic UV lamp will show holograms on cash cheques and credit cards and counterfeit paper moneyThe white light below tests the watermark, sensor check magnetic strip

carma 2993 ink ribbon pack of 5 erc 32fake money dtectors
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Works with NEW Polymer Bank Notes

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counterfeit detector


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Counterfeit forged bank note checker 220/240v ac mains

CD 2-038 Watch out it's a Fake! money/credit cards counterfeit fake notes detector.

1 x 9 Watt UV tube checks paper and holograms

1 x 4w white light for checking watermark metal/plastic security strip.

Magnifying lens for checking micro print and cheque tampering.

Magnetic ink detection - Auto on/off
Size: (W)185 x (D)120 x (H)130 mm

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counterfeit note tester