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Counterfeit bank note detector tester

  professional bank quality ultra violet uv counterfeit bank note checkers detectors
uv detectors counterfeit note testers check forged fake banknotes
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Counterfeit Detector Forged Banknote Checker

A range of black Ultra violet bank note counterfeit detection lamps

Counterfeit, Fake, Forgeries, Dudds, Funny Money, The truth is that that counterfeit banknotes are a part of everyday life for any one that handles cash notes or currency. Forgeries are sometimes hard for us to detect.
So what's the best way to check a banknote. It's a good idea to invest in some type of counterfeit note detector. A cheap basic ultra violet light fake note detector is a good place to start and may put off some attempts to pass a fake note.
The UV light will illuminate the holograms on a genuine bank of england note and Euro banknote these make genuine notes hard to fake. The addition of a white light below the note will show the watermark, watermarks are hard to counterfeit but most forged notes will have one. Pen type testers are very poor at checking forged notes, if you really want to beat the counterfeiters, then invest in an electronic note scanner, these machines check the metallic thread, which most sterling banknote and Euro notes have. These scanners check the magnetic code of the bank note and have a good detection rate.

Single 9 watt UV tube detector
basic fake bank note detector


Single 9 watt UV tube detector with
white light for checking watermark


Hand Held portable UV Checker 4 watt
Ultra Violet Note Checker and torch
Ideal Mobile taxi driver market traders


Twin tube 7watt UV tube detector with
white light below for checking watermark     
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detectors for fake and forged money with a counterfeit money tester