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Chip n Pin Tills

We are not aware of any cash registers that are able to link directly to a chip and pin machine for processing card payments.

You can't just plug any old till into a card processing terminal. (Not in the UK) anyway
The Cash Register terminal would need to have data communication capabilities and would need have been certified as being able to securely send data to other devices with minimal risk of fraud. Card processing companies will link only with EPOS systems has that meet the required standards, this is a very expensive process for software and hardware companies to achieve this capability.

It is possible to achieve this with high value integrated EPoS systems that have been approved by certain banks and card payment processing agencies, although the cost of such systems, which can be anything between £1,500 and £3,000 is likely prohibitive to most small independent outlets. In most cases your merchant account will need to be set-up by the company that provides the till system, as it's most likely that your existing provider won't be compatible the the EPOS system that you may wish to buy.

SO ! Get back to work and don't waste any more time looking. If it was do-able, we would be selling it !!


For retail small businesses that don't take credit card payments at the point of sale.... but wish that they did !

We take the hassle out of accepting credit card payments when connected to a cash register tills system.
So what's involved in getting a credit card machine liked to the till?

  • Complete the relevant paperwork
  • Make a One Off set-up fee payment
  • Competitive low rates for card transactions
  • Pay a fixed monthly payment for the Terminal
  • Contract and terminal completed in a couple of weeks
  • Payments are made directly into your bank in a few days
We are not yet able to provide a combined Credit Card terminal with Cash Register linked in an integrated automatic Chip & Pin payment system for small to medium sized independent business retail Hospitality or any type of outlet .

linked to credit card terminal

Credit card terminal linked to Cash Register
Cash Register

linked to credit card terminal

Credit card terminal linked to Cash Register
Cash Register


Verifone VX 510 Terminal

Credit Card MacinesCard payment processing

VX 670 & VX810 Terminals

 Touch screen system linked to credit card terminalCard processing machines


Taking credit cards will give you improved cash flow and increase profitability and allow your cash customers to pay in a more convenient way than just cash alone. Using an integrated payments system will allow you operate like a major retail outlet and offer the provision of CashBack and contactless payments. Sales are done on the cash register in the usual way, then after Sub-Total, simply finalise sales at the till directly processed on to the Chip n Pin terminal card machine via RJ45 or USB ports,
Fast Safe Secure Convenient.

Integrated Chip and Pin Solution Credit Card payment terminals linked to Cash Registers and and EPOS Systems

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