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Best before price gun labels 26 x 12

  best before ct4 26/12 pricing price gun labels motex econoply puma lynx
best before labels ct4 26 12 for price guns
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ct 4 Price Gun Labels - Best Before

Price Gun Labels best before


ct4 boxes of 45,000 labels
White - Permanent/Peelable
(w)26mm x (d) 12mm

CT4 Pricing Gun labels
26 x 12 best before labels
30 Rolls - 45000 Labels

The ct4 Best Before Label fits many popular Single line price marking guns and date coders that use the Wavy Edge style label, Our best before ct4 labels are available in Permanent or Peelable adhesives. Qty: 45,000. 30 rolls in a box with 1,500 labels per roll. Ideal for products with a limited shelf life,


Box of CT4 Best before


Delivery from only £5.00
per consignment

26 x 12 ct4 best before wavy edge price gun labels fit motex mx2612/6/9 lynx c6 puma pj8 econoply danro tovell avery many other pricing guns
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