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motex 2616 2 line price gun

  motex pricing 2 two line line guns and labels mx/2616 10/10 band
motex 2 line price marking motex guns ct7 labels
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MoTEX mx 2616 price gun - 2 line 10/10 band

Two Line line price labeling gun

Motex MX-2616 price marking gun; economical and reliable with proven reliability and an excellent choice of gun with many pricing/labeling uses. This two line line motex mx2616 price gun has 2 lines od 10 bands of number and digits. 10 bands to price label up to to £999.99p and 10 bands to add product code or second price. Easy action - One touch open system for label roll fitting.

The MoTEX mx 2616 marking gun uses popular CT7 26 x 16 price gun labels. CT7 label has peelable or permanent adhesive and coloured yellow or White. CT7 26/16 label will also fit pricing guns manufactured by avery-denison paxar puma lynx danro monarch

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