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  Price guns and labels for price marking guns motex mx 21 x 12  mx 26 x 12 ct1  ct4
Motex price guns mx 26 12 ct4 labels ct1 labels 22 x 12
  Price Gun Labels 
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4Price Guns

Price Gun Ink Rollers

  • Motex Ink Rollers
  • Lynx Ink Rollers
  • Puma Ink Rollers
  • Sato Ink Roller

Pricing Guns from Motex Puma and Lynx

A full range of Pricing Marking & Labeling products are available Single Line and Multi-line. Price Marking Guns that show price, date, product code etc, to suit most retail situations, such as Supermarkets, Gift Shops, Clothing Stores, Garden Centres, etc. Pricemarker Labels are supplied from stock as Permanent, Peelable or Freezer Grade, in several colours at competitive prices, and your own name can be printed on them for a nominal extra charge. CT1 22 x12, CT4 26 x 12 and CT7 26 x 16 are the most popular sizes

MOTEX  PRICE Marking GUNs 2612 6 band gun, 9 band Gun, Pricing Guns, Single Line Guns, Two Line Guns,
Motex MX 26-12 price gun
6 or 9 Bands Price or Date
large view Motex Price Gun

Motex MX 2612 MX2616 Price Marking Guns

Our preferred choice, these price guns offer, excellent quality good value for money but we also supply Lynx Marking Guns along with the Puma range.
Price marking Guns, Pricemarkers, Labels are peelable, permanent, waterproof, Lynx, Motex Puma,Pricing Gun
Price Marking Guns come in many shapes and sizes.
We have a whole catalogue of full of different Pricemarkers
Many of these pricing guns labels are the same
Often Lynx Motex Puma & Econoply use the same size Labels
Our price gun labels work out at 49 pence per 1000
Most people pay £1.50 per 1,000 labels

Motex 2616 Two line price ing guns
Motex 2 Line Pricemarker

Pricing Gun Labels boxed 45,000. Lyn, Motex, Econoply, Danro, Colouerd labels, Peelable Lable, permnent, Freezer labels, Pricing Gun

CT4 26x12 Wavy Edge Labels

Price Gun Labels

We sell labels in boxes in of 45,000, the most popular being CT4 26mm x 12mm. (wavy edge), and CT1 21mm x 12mm Colours are white or yellow and can be peelable or permanent. Freezer labels and waterproof are available at a small extra cost

There are Too many Priceing Guns Labels to list
So Call us with your requiremen

Price Gun Labels at discounted prices for most makes of pricing marker guns and ink rollers to fit

21x12 ct1 labels
More Boxes - Less Cost

Pictures and descriptions are for information only and Specifications are subject to change without notice

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